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The Texas Metal Works brand is an “approved” line of flanges manufactured from stainless steel, Cr-Mo, nickel, and other alloy and select carbon steel grades.

The TMW brand specializes in high pressure, heavy wall, and large diameter flanges, up to 12” diameter/2500 psi or 106” diameter, weighing up to 10,000 pounds. TMW offers difficult to find grades including 321 and 347 Stainless, Alloy 825, and Duplex 2205 (F51), and now Super Duplex (F53) and Copper-Nickel (70/30) among others. Click this link to see a complete list of sizes in stock and available for quick shipment.

In addition, Texas Metal Works now offers domestically produced and approved commodity chrome flanges in F5, F9 and F11 from 3/4" - 24" . Most configurations and bore sizes etc. are available from a vast inventory of rough forgings. Texas Metal Works can supply your commodity chrome requirements in weeks vs. months or longer in many cases.

TMW has distinguished itself by developing a track record of dependable, short lead-time deliveries, particularly in critical “turn-around” situations.

Texas Metal Works / AFGlobal Woodville Facility is a full service custom open die forge shop offering a complete line of materials and capabilities. Here are some of the parts, materials and services that we offer.

Part Configurations
Open Die Tooled Shapes
up to 10,000 lbs.
Hollow Forgings
up to 52” & 10,000 lbs
Shafts and Linear Forgings
up to 24” X 88” & 10,000 lbs.
smooth forged up to 62” diameter & 10,000 lbs.
Rectangular Blocks
smooth forged up to 10,000 lbs.

Heat treat, rough machining and testing. We also offer a vast array of open and closed die tooling that minimizes material waste and machine time, thus producing a more cost effective product. Click here for our custom forging range of of capabilities.

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